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Water Fountain

Our most popular mains connected water fountain is a hardwearing, sturdy unit. It has durable push button operated bubbler and/or Glass Filler. An automatic, self-regulating control is fitted to overcome varying mains pressure. The front panel removes to give instant access to all components and controls. "Hassle Free" filter changes and services can be undertaken without disconnecting the plumbing.

Dispense Options 
Bubbler & Swan Neck Bottle Filler, Bubbler, Swan Neck Bottle Filler.


Dimensions (mm) 
W350 x D350 x H1100

Power Requirements 

Maximum Running Consumption 

Hourly Draw Off 
19L / hr @ 10°C

Reservoir Capacity 

Cooling System
Stainless Steele 1.5 Litre cold water tank with chilling chamber to meet peak demand. Cooling Capacity 19L per hour from water inlet temperature of 26.7°C and ambient temperature of 32.2°C.

Heating System
Non Toxic, non flammable and environmentally sympathetic R-134a refrigerant. The refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube with no moving parts. To provide for maximum heat exchange (and increase cold water capacity) a suction line is fitted to remove the heated air.



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