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Jazz 1100 Water Cooler

The Jazz 1100 water cooler is one of most highly recommended water cooler units. A younger cousin of the AA 1100, the Jazz 1100 water cooler adds style & attitude, whilst inheriting the legendary reliability and build quality of the AA 1100 (all spares are interchangeable).

• Style design in tune with modern living
• Legendary reliability - proven more than 24,000 times
• Solid build quality, designed to last
• Refreshing uncomplicated technology
• Low cost pure drinking water

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Dispense Options
A choice of Ambient & Cold, Hot & Cold

Desk Top W340 x D335 x H550mm
Floorstanding W340 x D335 x H1015mm

Power Requirements

Maximum Running Consumption
Cold 120W
Hot 430W

Cold 4°C - 12°C 
Hot 87°C - 92°C

Hourly Draw Off
Cold 18L 
Hot 5L 

Reservoir Capacity
Cold 3L
Hot 2L 

Cooling System
3 litre stainless steel cold water tank, 18 litres per hour, from 4C - 12C (depending on influent water temperature).

Heating System
2 litre stainless steel hot water tank, 5 litres per hour, from 87C to 92C,instant draw off 6 x 7oz cups at above 87C, 15 minutes recovery time.


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