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AA4400 Fizz

Fizz CO2 Carbonation

Each carbonated drink is made seperately. Press the FIZZ button and hear the CO2 being injected into the water and then dispensed into your cup. Enjoy, refreshingly cold water with a bite!

Drip Tray

Lift out design which can be connected to mains drainage. High impact durable plastic. Removable anti splash grid.


Modern push button solenoid taps for ambient, cold and carbonated drinks

Removable Lower Front Panel Spring loaded lower front panel. Remove drip tray and simply press down to remove entire lower front panel for easy access to the CO2 Cylinder and position for the water filter.

Carbonation Unit

Each carbonated drink is produced individually. No pre-mix. This ensures a good carbonation level.

Cup Holder

Integrated cup holder for 7 and 9oz cups

CO2 Cylinder & Regulator

A Regulator is supplied with the AA4400FIZZ Cooler. It comes with a M11x1 thread and fits commercially available food grade “one way” CO2 Cylinders.

We do supply CO2 and can ship them directly to end customers throughout the UK.

Dispense Options
Ambient/Cold & Carbonated

Floorstanding H1165 x W340 x D340

Power Requirements
220v - 50/60Hz

Running Consumption
Cold 81W

Cold 4°C - 12°C

Hourly Draw Off
Cold 18L

Reservoir Capacity
Cold 3L

Cooling System
Quiet, air cooled static type condenser. No fan required. Protected against motor overload. Unit hermetically sealed. R134a refrigerant. Stainless Steel 3 litre cold water tank. Thermostatically controlled to 4C – 12C.


AA4400 Fizz

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